About the Advance Improvement Corp

The Beginning


In the late 1950’s, the Advance Shoe Factory Building Committee formed. This group of citizens and merchants donated time and labor on nights and weekends to lay the blocks and erect the buildings to house the Jay, Allen, Ward shoe manufacturing company, as shown at left. They also donated and loaned their own money to see the project get off the ground. The factory created 100+ jobs for factory workers for many years, playing a monumental role in the growth and economic wellness of our community. The community members that assisted in this project were truly instrumental in the progress of the town.

Through the Years


The Advance Improvement Corporation was officially founded in 1971 as a nonprofit economic development corporation, taking the place of the Shoe Factory Committee. Soon thereafter, the Advance Industrial Park land was purchased. Historically focusing on attracting factories and other manufacturing , the AIC has played a role in many economic projects in the community, with the primary focus always being job creation. Many merchants and residents within the community have served the AIC in some capacity  over the years.

The Present


 We continue to operate as a nonprofit economic development corporation.  Our mission is to attract and retain industry and commerce in our community, as well as overall community betterment. Our main focuses are property leasing, build to suit projects, and lease to purchase options where terms are designed to entice both new and existing businesses to consider Advance as their home.  Rent and sale prices are negotiable based on the increased employment opportunities and overall economic impact the business will have on our community.